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Team Savannah for Veterans

Fighting for those who fought for us

Team Savannah for Veterans

Team Savannah for Veterans (TS4V) is a 501C3 Non-Profit dedicated to helping local Veterans. Team Savannah for Veterans focuses on helping Veterans in the Savannah/Low Country area. TS4V is a hands-on group assisting Veterans through peer support, manual labor, and providing essential items that Veterans may need to limit stress in their lives. Our goal is to create an environment for our local Veterans to feel like they are a part of a family.

The team consists of Veterans, family members of Veterans, and civilians. Many individuals on the team have found some of the closest friends they have had for a while. The team's focus is not only our mission to help Veterans, but we also focus on our team members' wellbeing. When we are not doing projects and events, the team spends time creating camaraderie.

Upcoming Events:

Fall Rifle Raffl​e

Remington Model 700 SPS

Get your chance at winning this brand new, beautiful rifle. With a synthetic stock and a carbon steel barrel from Remington, this rifle is a top choice for hunting. Whether you're interested in hunting or target shooting, this rifle is an excellent choice for you! So, not only are you getting a chance at winning a rifle, you're helping a local non-profit help veterans. Don't miss out on getting your tickets, buy your tickets today! Tickets are just $5 a piece or get 5 tickets for $20. 

The raffle is currently going and will end on December 3rd. Winner will receive a call by December 5th.

Buy Your Tickets Today!!!

1 Ticket for $5

5 Tickets for $20

Raffle Ends December 3rd

Veteran Family Holiday Adoption

Team Savannah for Veterans is continuing the tradition of adopting Veteran families for the holidays. In the past years, this program has been steadily increasing, with 41 adopted children in 2021. Often times families that are already struggling to make ends meet, are faced with the issue of ensuring that their children are happy for Christmas. We all know that a lot of parents don't want their children to see the struggles that they are dealing with, so they will do anything they can to keep them happy and keep life "normal". Unfortunately, to keep that normalcy, that veteran is going to purchase gifts for their children and at the end of the month, they don't have enough money to pay all of their bills. So now they are faced with late fees, hurting their credit, and adding stress to their life.

With this holiday adoption, the Team works with the Veteran to get a wish list during the application. After the application is reviewed and the family has been approved, the Team will handle the shopping and meet with the Veteran a week to two weeks prior to Christmas. This provides time for the Veteran to see what gifts their children will be receiving as well as wrap the gifts.

Now Open - Go to Holiday Adoptions to apply

Applications Close November 17th

Savannah Ghost Pirate Ticket Fundraiser

Join Us on February 24th at 7:30pm at the Enmarket Arena for a great night of hockey with the Savannah Ghost Pirates. The Ghost Pirates have partnered with us to raise funds for our mission, providing us tickets to sell. The best thing about the night of the 24th is that it is a part of Military Appreciation Weekend!!! They will be showing support to Active Duty and Retired Military personnel at the game. This is definitely a game you won't want to miss, especially considering you're helping a local charity supporting the local community!

Get your tickets today!!!

Ghost Pirates Tickets

Team Savannah's Calendar

Local Veteran Community Calendar

Interested in finding out what's going on in the local community in other organizations? Check out the Low Country Veteran and Military Calendar to see what all is going on.

Looking to be a Member?

Team Savannah for Veterans is a non-profit organization. There is no individual that receives any type of compensation from the organization. By this, we mean that there is no individual on the payroll, all individuals pay for their merchandise, and the work that they do is through our members. We understand that in today's world, we all live very busy lives to be able to provide for our families, therefore we greatly appreciate every minute that you can provide. Our team is always looking for more members and one thing we want to stress to people looking towards becoming a member is that it is based on your own time. As a member, you are not required to attend any event or meeting, we just ask that you provide your support whenever you can. Without members, our organization cannot continue to support our veterans.

If you are interested in membership, please sign up to be a member using our online Member Sign-Up Form. Contact us through Facebook or through the Contact Us tab above so that we can answer any questions you may have and get you informed about upcoming events.

Check us out and hear the latest news on our Social Media Platforms-

Thank You for Checking In!