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Team Savannah for Veterans

Fighting for those who fought for us

Post Traumatic Stress Awareness Rucks

Team Savannah for Veterans often hosts their Awareness rucks. We have traveled many miles and carried many pounds in their rucksacks. These rucks vary in distance, location, and other minor details. The one thing that does not change, is the purpose of these rucks. The main idea behind these rucks is to gain the attention of the local community to ask what we are doing. When we have these questions posed, we always tell them the reason for what we do. First off, we do these rucks to educate our members and others about Post Traumatic Stress. The weight of the ruck represents the weight that is on a veteran's shoulders from issues with Post Traumatic Stress. Items such as survivor's guilt, night tremors, alcoholism, and many other factors can really affect a veteran's body. The second 

reason we do this is to show veterans in the local area that there is

 someone here for them. With this education of team and community members, we can give those individuals the idea of what to look for in a potentially struggling veteran. Being known in the community, we can provide immediate assistance for those that need help. These rucks can also provide the means for veterans to come out, get some exercise, and make new and like-minded connections.

These ruck marches are not specific to just team members. If you are interested in joining us for a ruck, reach out to us with any questions you may have or fill out the online Membership Form to hear more about our ruck marches. We work towards conducting a ruck march once a quarter, so if you can't make one, check back for the next one. We welcome anybody and everybody to join us. You are not required to have any particular weight in your ruck. We do ask that you bring water and other nourishment that you may need along the way. Some rucks, we will have a safety vehicle following the ruckers. If you cannot finish the ruck, that is no problem. We can take you the rest of the way in the safety vehicle. If we don't have a safety vehicle, we try to have someone on standby that can pick up personnel. Prior to the ruck, we will inform everyone if there will be a safety vehicle or a one on standby.

Upcoming Events:

2021 Scavenger Race

Date: Saturday, October 23th, 2021

Details: Sign-in at 9:30, race begins at 10am after safety briefing. Check in is at American Legion Post 135

1108 Bull Street, Savannah, GA 

Get your tickets here! Register before October 1st to save $10 per ticket!

Whether you are a competitive racer, looking for a leisurely stroll, or want to find out more about Savannah's military history, this event is for you! Here people will gather in teams of 2-4 individuals and walk around downtown Savannah to find different military related items. The teams will be given clue cards at the beginning and use those clues to determine what locations we are talking about. These locations can be businesses, monuments, prior movie scenes, or other items. As teams race around downtown, they will take photos of the entire team with the given location. After that, they will add the photo to our social media to earn the points. Teams will also be given random challenges as well to help earn extra points. Teams are required to carry one American Flag per team and a one pack per person with essentials such as water, nutrition, etc.